Surf tour
Surf tour
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- It is required that you can take off by yourself.
       If this is your first time in Vietnam and don't know where to surf,
       We'll guide you depending on your level and condition at that time.

- Want to catch the best waves?
       There are quality waves only we know about in Vietnam.
       Why not enjoy those waves with only you and your friends?

- Besides surfing, we'll provide you with any information you need in Danang.  
       (Foodie destination, tourist attraction, nightlife, etc.)
Surf Tour around Danang
We will surf on beach breaks around Danang.
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Tour package including transportation (USD)
Plan Duration 1person 2 people(Per person) 3-6 people(Per person) Area
Half Day Tour About 4 hours 100 60 50 Son Tra to Hoi An (about 30km)
1 Day Tour About 8 hours 150 90 70 Lang Co to Hoi An (about 60km)

1.   Maximum of 6 people, including accompanying passenger(s).
2 Hotel transfer service is included.
3.  Tours may be canceled due to weather.
4.  Cancellation fee: Day before departure - 50% of tour fee, Day of departure - 100% of tour fee.
5.  Lunch is not included in the price.
Secret Surf Spot Tour
We will take you to a secret surf spot that is in good condition within 500km south from Danang.
This is a guided tour upon request. Please ask us for more information.
Price range: USD 200 ~ USD 600/person
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Operating Conditions:
  • More than 2 people (maximum 6 people) per group
  • Duration: From 1 night 2 days, to 3 nights 4 days