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Surf Shack is a surf shop founded in 2017
We have everything from accessories such as WAX to surfboards and wet suits.

We have a wide variety of rentals, from soft boards to FireWire surfboards.
We also do lessons and tours

Please feel free to contact us about surfing, hotels and restaurants etc.

Address: 33 An Thuong 4, Ngu Hanh Son Dist, Danang

In our web page,there is "Contact "on some pages which you can send message to us.
but it did not work right now.
So please send us on Gmail, if you have anything.

Sorry for incovinece

  • Surf season

From September to April, waves are generated by the monsoon from the north.
The size of the wave is from the waist to the over head
The closer you are to the Soncha Peninsula north of My Khe Beach, the smaller the swell and size.
When the typhoon swell arrives, there is also a chance to go to the secret point, dragon tour

From May to August, small waves and gentle waves are the main
The transparency of seawater is also good and clean
If a typhoon swell arrives, the terrain is fixed and you may meet the best waves.

Often you can surf without anyone throughout the year


  • Wetsuits (Reference)

       Sep-Oct: None
       Nov: Short topper
       Dec: Summer Junkie
       Jan: Spring suits
       Feb: Spring Junkie
       Mar: Short topper or Spring suits
       Apr: Short topper or rash guard
       May-Aug: None

  • Wave size (Average)

       Sep: Waist to chest-high
       Oct: Shoulder to head-high
       Nov ~ Jan: Overhead
       Feb: Shoulder to head-high
       Mar: Chest to shoulder-high
       Apr: Waist to chest-high

       May: Knee to waist high

       July-Aug: Knee-high

In front of A la carte Hotel
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In front of Surf Shack Waist-Shoulder high
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In front of A la carte Hotel Waist-Shoulder high
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Happy New year!
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Beautiful weather and nice waves.
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In front of Surf Shack
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